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Fulcrum Resources Marketing is an independent, experienced, solutions-minded Sales Promotion Agency in Pimple Nilakh, Pune with big capabilities and with over 10 years of experience as an experiential agency. Fulcrum Marketing is built around the idea that all of the strategic thought, creativity and exceptional excellence must be directed to a single goal – helping our clients sell more of their products and services.We believe in providing an amazing service, at a fair cost, with clear transparent quotations. If you are looking for a small team of promo staff or looking to find promotional staff for a long term campaign, talk to us.


Sales promotion is top-class . That is why the use of a good sales team is of great importance. Just like with top sport, the performance in sales is highly dependent on the drive and team spirit of the sales team. Fulcrum  has a team of top sellers who also support and inform customers in addition to their sales skills and actually ensure (repeat) purchases.

The focus is on a sales promotion of Fulcrum next to quantity, also on quality. Qualitative sales will ensure that consumers have a good feeling about sales and will continue, which will contribute to a positive attitude and repeat purchases.


By ensuring that the team, after thorough training and clear transfer of product information, is present at the right place and at the right time, the target group can be approached as effectively as possible. This contributes to a maximum yield and minimal waste.

It is clearly discussed beforehand which requirements and competences the sales team has to meet. We take care of the recruitment, selection and training of a flexible sales team that meets these requirements and will ensure a high conversion.

The sales promotion team of Fulcrum can be deployed at various locations, such as at events, shopping centers, trade fairs or other locations where the target group is frequently present.

In case of business to business, we guarantee contact with the right contacts or decision makers.

In addition to putting together a good sales team, Fulcrum can also take care of thinking along with you about the sales concept. To achieve optimal results, we have developed tailor-made programs, such as the Shopping Stimulate Program . This program is a combination of various controls and sales stimulating tasks, such as:

display and POS checks
store checks
stock checks
competition checks
evaluations and reporting processing
conduct surveys
export reward system shop staff

Sales Promotions will set up, run and manage your promotional campaigns.

SALES PROMOTION AGENCY The process of making a brand well known and loved by consumers is called BRAND ACTIVATION. This is achieved through a co-ordinated multi-channel approach including memorable ad campaigns, Sales Staffing , sponsorship, experiential events, social media / influencer marketing and, our remit, promotional marketing.

Understanding the myriad of challenges that come with nationwide product sampling is a skill, perfected over time and through experience.


We provide effective planning, tools and resource that drive hassle-free product sampling , Sales Promotion across the Pimple Nilakh, Pune. Mobilising samples safely to the frontline and into the hands of any target audience where they are most responsive…It’s what we do. We treat each product sample as valuable currency, ensuring that it’s not just received as a “freebie” but a powerful marketing trigger that generates the highest possible returns for our clients



We’ve been providing all manner of product sampling services to clients for 18 years. Whether you require food, & drink sampling, in store, city centre or festival sampling, we have the support staff and experience to pull it off. Rest assured that your product sampling campaign and reputation is in the safest hands with Fulcrum.

  •  wide coverage
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Guaranteed customer engagement
  • We’ll plan and enact your campaign
  • All quotes free of charge
  • We’re the go to agency for big brands

Boost channel sales revenue
Improve profit margins
Identify and engage end-users
Launch new products
Establish a USP
Acquire and retain customers
Gather valuable customer data and insight
Strengthen relationships with dealers, distributors, resellers and customers
Increase customer loyalty and market share


The Promotion Mix: Marketing Communication Methods. The Target Market is surrounded by the four Ps: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. Attached to Promotion are Advertising, Public Relations, Sales Promotion, Personal Selling, Digital Marketing, Direct Marketing, and Guerrilla Marketing.

All of our Sales Staffing, Sales Promotion staffing and sampling projects are underpinned by Fulcrum team, our unique field force process which recruits, monitors, evaluates & mobilises.

You can rely on our promotional ambassadors to complete the project efficiently and effectively. We understand that sourcing the right face and personality for your brand and campaign is top priority. Get in touch with us.

We can promote your brand or product

As a leading Sales Promotion Agency in Pimple Nilakh, Pune, we provide end to end  solutions to our clients

We operate across the entire Pune and have staff in all major towns and cities  to Pimple Nilakh .

If you are a staff member wanting to join our nationwide team, head over to our staff hub pages.

Contact us for a FREE consultation




Sales Promotion
Timely, Proven, Profitable


Pimple Nilakh , Pune

Improve service, brand awareness, communication and motivation

Decrease costs, uncertainty, absenteeism and inefficiencies

In short, we can help you achieve all of your business goals simply by changing the behaviour of your best assets – your employees, customers and channel partners.

If you have any questions or queries, just ask. Our dedicated team will be happy to help.

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