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Step Customer Experience Strategy

    The 3-Step Customer Experience  Strategy

    STEP 1: Customer Experience PLANNING

    Develop a deep understanding of your customers, their expectations, and how they interact with your company today. Knowing what is critical to their experience, their pain points, satisfiers, and delighters will help you launch your Customer Experience transformation.

    Phase 1: Customer Experience Vision & Strategy

    Client Experience (Customer Experience) Design must always begin with a clear vision that is linked to the brand promise of the organization. This vision defines both the customer outcomes and the process of achieving those outcomes.


    Phase 2: Customer Experience Governance

    To launch and maintain a successful customer-focused culture, a top-down philosophy of governance is critical. Clearly defined Customer Experience governance will assure a sustainable, long-term shift instead of a short-term fad.


    Phase 3: Customer Experience Touchpoint Analysis

    Touchpoint Analysis provides a comprehensive, end-to-end inventory of all processes, business rules, and touchpoints (both internal and customer-facing) that affect the way your company does business.


    Phase 4: Customer Experience Capabilities Assessment

    Understand if your company has both the capacity and capability required to deliver and maintain the ideal experience for your customers.


    STEP 2: Customer Experience DESIGN

    World-class Customer Experience doesn’t just happen. It must be expertly designed, with disciplined processes for each customer touchpoint.

    Phase 5: Customer Experience Process Design

    The policies, processes, and business rules that provide the “logic” for how the business is run. Some of this is embedded in the systems, some of this is taught to employees.

    Phase 6: Customer Experience Measurement

    Measurement of the customer experience is achieved by collecting insights and feedback directly from the customers.


    STEP 3: Customer Experience EXECUTION


    Once the customer journey is understood, execute a plan to secure the resources across the enterprise to improve the points of leverage.

    Phase 7: Customer Experience Launch Planning

    To effectively launch Customer Experience, the entire company is enabled at every step along the way.


    Phase 8: Customer Experience Market Listening

    Proactively collecting customer feedback (early and often) requires a consistent “listening” engine.


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