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Experiential Marketing Demands Unite Baby Boomers and Millennials

    Experiential Marketing Demands Unite Baby Boomers and Millennials-Marketers will be well aware that the market place presents two very clear groups of consumers: the baby boomers and the millennials. It is often overlooked that these two consumer groups are closer than expected…if you think about it, the millennials are most often the children of the baby boomers and while they have separate values and interests, they can both benefit and unite through experiential marketing scenarios. Marketers who are able to present experiential marketing opportunities which appeal to these consumer groups as a family will ultimately benefit – and they are.

    All consumers, regardless of the generation gap, are looking for something of value and quality and by selling a luxury or quality brand to the market via means of experiential marketing, brands can truly get their name out there and make an impact on their target audience. Brands that are able to present their consumers with a once in a lifetime experience often benefit from inviting loyal customers to special events and allowing their attendees to extend invitations to their family and friends…and this is ultimately where the baby boomers and millennials will overlap and it is hoped that both consumer groups will talk each other up.

    One particular event which serves as a great example of this is that of the special event hosted by NetJets. Attendees were encouraged to invite their children and their friends as the event featured Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez as surprise performers. This provided attendees an experiential scenario to enjoy with those close to them and closed the divide between two seemingly separate consumer groups.

    Another great way to close the divide between baby boomers and millennial consumers is to step up ecommerce and online media. More baby boomers are getting on board with advanced online activities and we all know just how connected millennials are already.

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