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Retail Store Advertising Agency in Nashik

    Retail Store Advertising

    As a retailer, you may be overlooking a powerful marketing strategy that is sitting right in front of you — in-store advertising. Usually, when retailers plan their marketing, they focus on traditional print ads, commercials, and digital platforms. They think about how they can use outside messaging to bring customers into a store.

    Retail marketers need to see that marketing doesn’t exist solely outside of a retail store. Through in-store advertising, they can promote messages and unlock a lucrative new marketing channel.  

    Benefits of In-Store Advertising

    The habits of in-store shoppers show the value in investing in in-store advertising. An in-store shopper engagement study that interviewed 3,000 mass merchant shoppers revealed that:

    • 82% of purchasing decisions are made while in a store.
    • 62% of shoppers make an impulse buy while shopping.
    • 16% of unplanned purchases are driven by in-store promotions.


    In-store shoppers are primed for receiving messages that direct their purchasing habits, and in-store advertising allows you to deliver the information those engaged, interested shoppers need.

    In-store advertising:

    • Leads purchasing decisions.
    • Encourages impulse buys.
    • Introduces new products.
    • Promotes sales.
    • Supports cross promotions.
    • Creates up-sell opportunities.
    • Informs customers.
    • Reminds customers

    So, what is the best way to bring these in-store promotions to life?

    How To Highlight In-Store Promotions

    There are multiple platforms and distribution channels for marketing inside of a retail store. Depending on the size, offerings, and industry of your retail store, you may choose to use a mix of the following promotion styles.

    Store Layout: When setting up your showroom, use messaging to create focal points and take customers through a journey as they experience your store.

    In-store Themes: Create a cohesive theme for seasons, holidays, or special promotions using advertising elements that tie the store together or highlight certain departments of the store.

    Product Displays: Showcase products by building stand-out displays that highlight brands and items with feature signage and product demo videos.

    Live Product Demonstrations: Add a live element to in-store promotions by hosting live demonstrations that allow customers to try or experience products.

    Digital Signs: Instead of using static posters or signs, utilize engaging digital signage to share ads and messages through videos and multimedia.

    Digital Menu Boards: Use easy-to-update menu boards to drive upsells and introduce your customers to a wider variety of products.

    Interactive Screens: Take signage up another notch and feature interactive digital signs that allow shoppers to select and control the content they see on the screen.

    Shopping Carts: Prime marketing real estate exists right in front of shoppers on the carts they use throughout the store. Utilize that space to share messages with customers.

    Overhead Messaging: Speak directly to in-store shoppers by using overhead messaging as a way to relay information about sales, promotions, specific store departments, and special events.

    In-store Beacons: Put technology to work using beacons that connect with in-store shoppers through their smartphones and send notifications and coupons to store visitors based on their location.

    In-Store Advertising Key Points

    In-store advertising doesn’t always follow the same formula as traditional or out-of-store marketing. When creating content for in-store advertising, keep the following concepts in mind.

    Placement: Find the right location.

    Where you place in-store advertising is just as important as what you say in in-store advertising. Make sure your displays and signage fit into the showroom layout. Position content so that messages are in the places where shoppers spend the most time in your store, and place it the right distance from shopper’s eyes so they can view it properly.

    Brevity: Say it quickly.

    You don’t have a lot of time to catch and hold the attention of in-store shoppers. Most shoppers won’t stop to watch a lengthy video or read a detailed message. Keep it short and brief. Use bullet points and headlines that get to the point and quickly relay the vital information shoppers need.

    Relevance: Give consumers what they want.

    As with any marketing, it’s important to fully understand your target audience. Define your target audience and deeply assess who they are and what they need and what. Once you have a full understanding of your audience, you can create messaging that accurately touches on their true pain points and desires.

    Quality: Add a professional polish.

    In-store advertising content should be created with the same level of professionalism and care that out-of-store marketing receives. Put resources into creating in-store content, and use high-quality screens and signs to ensure that your messages look polished and professional.

    Timelessness: Don’t be out-of-date.

    A retail store can quickly lose credibility and consumer trust by featuring out-of-date or irrelevant in-store promotions. When you choose to use in-store advertising, you cannot set it and forget it. You need to set up a marketing content schedule that reminds your team to change out-of-date promos and advertisements.

    Help Your Retail Store Find In-Store Advertising Success

    The presentation of your retail store is a reflection of your brand and business. It is a form of marketing that shows your customers who you are and what you sell.

    The way you present your store can shape shopper habits and increase sales. It can act as the trigger that leads in-store customers to make a purchase or make a larger purchase.

    So, your in-store presentation can’t be an afterthought.

    You must put the right resources, time, thought, and energy into how your physical storefront looks if you want to capitalize effectively on in-store marketing.

    Retail Store Advertising Agency in nashik

    About Nashik

    Situated on the banks of Godavari, Nashik is one of the most important cities of northern Maharashtra. It’s the third-largest urban area of Maharashtra, just preceding the Mumbai Metropolitan Region and the Pune Urban Region. Nashik is, in fact, the fourth most populous city in Maharashtra. It has had its moment of pride when it was declared the sixteenth fastest growing city in the world by a report of the City Mayors Foundation.

    Owing to the city’s industrial, social, political and cultural importance, Nashik has been shortlisted as an investment region in the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) for the Igatpuri-Nashik-Sinnar circle. It is also a pilgrimage city for many Hindus and is one of the four locations that host the Kumbh Mela Festival.

    Nashik is the highest producer of grapes in India, along with onions, because of which it’s called the “Wine capital of India”. Famous for its religious and historical significance, it is located on the banks of Godavari, which is one of the most prominent rivers in India. This vibrant city known for its picturesque surroundings, pleasant climate and greenery certainly sees itself as a major player in the coming future for top market investments.

    Stats and Facts

    The population of Nashik, as per the provisional reports of the Census 2011, is 1,562,769 with a 22% increase in the last decade
    The city’s sex ratio is below the national average, at 895 per 1000 males. The child sex ratio has drastically fallen to 855 per 100 males
    The average literacy rate of Nashik saw a significant jump in 2011 with 90.97%
    Nashik – Striving Industrial Sector

    As of 30th November 2011, Nashik district had six approved Special Economic Zones covering an area of 1,275 hectares
    Investment in industrial units have grown more than 100% and employment by 20% making Nashik an outperformer from other cities in Maharashtra in terms of investment and MIDC units
    Out of all the globally recognized wineries in Maharashtra, Nashik has the majority. Also many liquor manufacturing factories, such as Sula Wines, Pernod-Ricard and United Spirits Ltd have set up their factories here. Today, grapes are a major export commodity to the Europe, Asia and Middle East
    Other prominent clusters in Nashik include raisin making, engineering, silver ornaments and the famous Paithani saree. There is a scope for various other industries such as fruit processing, agro-based products, animal-based products and forest-based products
    The government of India sees great potential in the Nashik cluster. Various government schemes are expected to strengthen the SMEs in areas covering technology, national and international cooperation, marketing and capacity building international certifications
    The Hindustan Aeronautics Limited aircraft manufacturing plant, which is located 16 km from Nashik,employs a large number of people residing in Nashik with a 7000-employment rate
    Manufacturers who have set up plants in the Nashik MIDC area include: Crompton Greaves, Bosch India, Atlas Copco, Mahindra and Mahindra, IBP, GlaxoSmithKline, CEAT, Thyssenkrupp, Epcos, Schneider Electric, ABB, L&T, Jindal Steel, Lear Corporation, Siemens, Kirloskar, Coca Cola, Shalimar Paints and Cipla
    The Indiabulls Power Ltd Sinnar and the Nashik Thermal Power Station are the two thermal power plants powering Nashik. Also, Suzlon energy has set up base in Sinnar generating wind power for Nashik

    Nashik is served by the Ozar Airport, located about 24 km from the city. There are plans to upgrade the airport to international standards, including a new passenger terminal. Nashik is also served by the Gandhinagar Airport that sports a humbler runway
    The Nashik Railway Station is of prominence to the Central Railway as it generates a high amount of revenue. Nashik is directly connected to various major cities in India like New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Kanpur, Nagpur and Guwahati. According to the Rail Budget recently, Nashik plans to get rail connectivity to Pune and Indore
    Nashik is located on the intersection of two major national highways – the Mumbai-Pune Highway and the Mumbai-Agra Highway. There are numerous other state highways that offer excellent connectivity to Nashik. Apart from inter-state connectivity, the city has reliable and modern road infrastructure
    There are three bus stations in Nashik, namely, Mahamarg bus stand, Nashik Bus Sthanak at Thakkar bazar, and CBS. These services are available for travelling to major cities in and around states. Maharashtra Road Transport Corporation, Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation and Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation all operate in and out of the city
    A metro railway project called the Greater Nasik Metro has been proposed to connect neighboring areas within Nashik like Ozar, Deolali, Igatpuri and Nashik city
    Nashik Civic Administration

    In 1982, the Nashik Municipality and other civic bodies combined to form the Nashik Municipal Corporation that today administers the Nashik district. Nashik is also the headquarters of the Nashik Revenue Division of Maharashtra
    The Deolali Cantonment Board is a separate civic body for Deolali, which is a part of the Nashik urban agglomeration
    The District Collector carries out the administration of the Nashik district. He also supervises other government bodies in the area. The Balwantrai Mehta Committee facilitates the development of administration in rural areas. The Zilla Parishad, Gram Panchayat and the Panchayat Samiti head the district level
    Nashik Infrastructure

    The city, in terms of infrastructure, is relatively in a formidable situation. The city is a highly sustainable source for quantitative and qualitative water as it resides near the rivers Godavari and Darnana
    Storm water management is major issue in Nashik as three major rivers and several nalas flow through the city. Apart from proposing storm water pipe-drains, river canalization and nala training, the MNC has made it mandatory for new constructions in the city to install rainwater harvesting systems
    Unlike many other Indian cities, where garbage floods infrastructure, the daily refuse in Nashik is collected through a door-to-door solid-waste collection system. A plant has been set near Pandav Leni by the Nashik Municipal Corporation to process the garbage and convert it into compost
    A total of 1974 km of roads exist within Nashik’s network. The MNC has proposed an investment of Rs. 605 crores towards a hike in new roads, road widening, parking, street lightning and other improvements. Plans of setting up a mass rapid transit are being proposed for the near future


    All Localities in Nashik

    Gangapur Road
    Deolali Gaon
    Ganesh Baba Nagar
    Yeolekar Mala
    Pandit Colony
    Canada Corner
    College Road
    Mahatma nagar
    Nashik Road
    Nashik-Pune Road
    Sane Guruji Nagar
    Indira Nagar
    Jail Road
    Mumbai Agra Road
    Parijat Nagar

    Siddheshwar Nagar




    Makhmalabad Road
    Renuka Nagar
    Rajiv Nagar
    Tidke Nagar
    Ashwin Nagar
    Trimbak Road
    Prabhat Colony
    Kamod Nagar
    Mumbai-Nashik Highway
    Dindori Road
    Govind Nagar
    Pathardi Phata
    Buddha Vihar
    Aurangabad Road
    Mohan Nagar
    Bhabha Nagar
    Ambad Link Road
    Sobhag Nagar
    Uttara Nagar
    Tagore Nagar
    Sawarkar Nagar
    Wadala Gaon

    Ram Wadi

    Patharadi Road
    Peth Road
    DGP Nagar
    Jai Bhavani Road
    Shreerang Nagar
    MERI-Rasbihari Link Road
    Lam Road
    Karmayogi Nagar
    Kalpataru Nagar
    Shri Ram Colony
    Sadguru Nagar
    Someshwar Colony
    Chetana Nagar
    Rane Nagar
    Khutwad Nagar
    P and T Colony
    Thatte Nagar
    Anand Nagar
    Ayodhya nagari
    Om Nagar
    Medage Nagar
    Vinay Nagar

    Wadner Road
    Ambedkar Nagar
    Matoshree Nagar
    Prabhat Nagar

    General Vaidya Nagar
    Krishna Nagar
    DSouza Colony
    Old Agra Road
    New Pandit Colony
    Shramik Nagar
    Shivaji Nagar
    Deepali Nagar
    Rajur Bahula
    Vaitarna Nagar
    Hanuman Nagar
    MIDC Ambad
    Pimpalgaon Baswant
    Lekha Nagar
    Mhasrul Gaon
    Pawan Nagar
    Ghoti Budrak
    Abhiyanta Nagar
    Upendra Nagar Colony
    Sneha Nagar
    Gotane Wada
    Savata Nagar
    Gayakhe Colony
    Vijay Nagar
    Gandhi Nagar Airport Area
    Belgaon Dhaga
    Ekdant Nagar
    Jagtap Nagar
    Homi Bhabha Nagar
    Government Colony
    Khode Nagar
    Shivshakti Nagar
    Swaminarayan nagar
    Tidke Colony
    D. K. Nagar
    Samarth Nagar
    Tapovan Road

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