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principles of marketing sitemap

    principles of marketing

    why learn about marketing

    introduction to marketing 2

    marketing defined

    marketing creates value for customers

    introduction to marketing in action

    introduction to the marketing concept

    marketing and customer relationships

    how different types of organizations such as nonprofits consumer product b2c firms and business to business b2b organizations use marketing

    how organizations use marketing

    how marketing creates value for the consumer the company and society

    the value of marketing

    putting it together what is marketing

    marketing function

    why the customer is the cornerstone of marketing

    focus on customers the marketing orientation

    introduction to segmentation and targeting

    your target market whom are you trying to reach

    value for the customer

    define and communicate an organizations value proposition in a competitive marketplace

    communicating the value proposition

    marketing communication strategies and planning

    retail management

    introduction to the evaluation of value propositions

    value proposition examples

    reaching customers through the marketing mix

    components of the marketing mix

    how organizations use the marketing mix to market to their target customers

    case study chobani use the marketing mix to market to their target customers

    role of a marketing plan as a guiding document for marketing activities

    the role of the marketing plan

    simulation ice cream magnate

    putting it together marketing function

    why it matters segmentation and targeting

    purpose of segmentation and targeting in marketing

    why customers matter

    introduction to common segmentation approaches

    what is market segmentation all about

    segmentation criteria and common approaches to market segmentation

    process of selecting an appropriate segmentation approach

    choosing a segmentation approach and target segments

    case study eharmony targets women

    how targeting influences each element of the marketing mix

    targeting strategies and the marketing mix

    local marketing

    niche marketing

    differentiated marketing

    mass marketing

    case study red bull wins the extreme niche

    putting it together segmentation and targeting

    why it matters marketing strategy

    how marketing strategies align with corporate strategies

    strategy and tactics

    the mission statement

    strategy and objectives role of marketing strategy in corporate strategy

    introduction to marketing strategy mechanics

    creating the marketing strategy

    optimizing the marketing mix

    implementation and budget role of budget implementation and evaluation in the marketing strategy

    evaluating marketing results

    introduction to strategic planning tools

    swot analysis and describe how it informs the organizations marketing strategy

    boston consulting group matrix to inform growth strategies

    how businesses use the strategic growth matrix to inform growth strategies

    introduction to examples of corporate strategies

    market penetration example

    market development example

    product development example create new products that can be sold in existing markets

    diversification example create new opportunities by creating new products that will be introduced in new markets

    how the development and maintenance of customer relationships

    customer relationship strategies and management

    putting it together marketing strategy

    why it matters ethics and social responsibility

    introduction to ethical marketing issues

    defining ethics

    common ethical issues in marketing

    new challenges in marketing ethics

    corporate social responsibility 2

    product liability

    ethics in b2b marketing

    the challenge of monitoring ethics in b2b marketing

    gifts and bribes

    introduction to ensuring ethical marketing and sales

    executive role in ethics

    ethics for marketing employees

    introduction to social responsibility marketing impact

    social responsibility in the marketing strategy

    social responsibility initiatives

    putting it together ethics and social responsibility

    why it matters marketing information and research

    introduction to importance of marketing information

    the importance of marketing information and research

    case study juicy fruit gum

    introduction to types of marketing information

    types of marketing information

    competitive intelligence

    marketing research 2

    introduction to the marketing research process

    the marketing research process

    introduction to marketing research techniques

    secondary marketing research

    primary marketing research methods

    choosing the right primary research method

    qualitative research methods observation

    in depth interviews

    qualitative research methods focus groups

    quantitative research methods

    introduction to marketing data sources

    introduction to customer relationship management crm systems

    customer relationship management systems

    using marketing information

    use marketing information to inform the marketing strategy

    putting it together marketing information and research

    why it matters consumer behavior

    buying process stages

    the black box of consumer behavior

    different buying processes for low involvement and high involvement decisions

    factors influencing consumer decisions

    situational factors that influence what and when consumers buy

    personal factors that influence what and when consumers buy

    psychological factors that influence what and when consumers buy

    social factors that influence what and when consumers buy

    organizational buyer behavior b2b purchasing decisions

    the organizational buying process

    putting it together consumer behavior

    why it matters positioning

    introduction to defining positioning and differentiation

    the process of selecting a positioning and differentiation strategy

    the positioning process

    developing positioning statements

    introduction to repositioning


    introduction to implementing a positioning strategy

    putting it together positioning

    why it matters branding

    the elements of brand and how brands add value to an organizations products and services

    what is a brand

    history of branding

    brands create market perceptions

    brands create an experience

    brands create value for consumers and organizations in a variety of ways

    different types of brands

    9275 2

    why and how marketers measure brand equity

    brand equity

    measuring brand equity

    building brand loyalty

    how marketers use brand positioning to align marketing activities and build successful brands

    techniques that marketers use to achieve strong brand positioning and alignment

    building strong brands consistency matters

    brand positioning a tool for achieving consistency

    aligning to deliver the brand

    introduction to name selection

    role of packaging in the brand building process

    packaging in the brand building process

    creating the perfect package

    brand development strategies

    managing brands as strategic assets

    branding strategies

    co branding

    brand licensing

    lines extensions and brand extensions

    risks of brand line extension

    putting it together branding

    why it matters product marketing

    what a product is and the importance of products in the marketing mix

    defining product

    four levels of the product

    consumer product categories

    products and services

    augmenting products with services

    product marketing in the marketing mix

    the role of product marketing

    the marketing mix

    product life cycle

    stages of the product life cycle

    using the product life cycle

    marketing through the product cycle

    challenges in the product life cycle

    introduction to product portfolio management

    product portfolio and explain its use in marketing

    organizing for effective product marketing

    identify marketing strategies and tactics used to achieve portfolio objectives

    marketing mix strategies

    product line decisions

    new products in the portfolio why new products are crucial to an organizations success

    role of new products in the portfolio

    new product development process

    new product development process 2

    generating and screening new product ideas

    creating successful product concepts

    identify methods for developing new product ideas

    creating the go to market plan

    commercializing new products process for commercializing new products

    identify the challenges associated with marketing a new product successfully

    diffusion of innovation

    identify approaches to improving the success in product development

    putting it together product marketing

    why it matters pricing strategies

    introduction to the impact of pricing on value

    demonstrating customer value

    the psychology of pricing

    introduction to pricing considerations

    break even pricing

    competitor impact on pricing

    benefits of value based pricing

    introduction to common pricing strategies

    penetration pricing

    cost oriented pricing

    discounting strategies

    introduction to price elasticity

    elasticity and price changes

    products with elastic and inelastic demand

    use of competitive bidding for b2b pricing

    putting it together pricing strategies

    why it matters place distribution channels

    what channels of distribution are and why organizations use them

    define channels of distribution

    distribution objectives

    channel structures direct retail wholesale and broker agent channels

    role of intermediaries such as wholesalers in the distribution channel

    marketing channels vs supply chains

    what is a supply chain

    supply chain and marketing channels

    how distribution channels affect the marketing of products and services

    how marketers can optimize their channel strategy

    third party sales

    role of service outputs in the distribution strategy

    retailers as channels of distribution

    retailing 2

    types of retailers

    retail marketing strategy

    integrated supply chain management and the distribution strategy

    components of a supply chain

    integrated supply chain management

    supply chain and channel strategy

    putting it together place distribution channels

    why it matters promotion integrated marketing communication imc

    integrated marketing communication imc and its connection to the organizations marketing strategy

    integrated marketing communication imc definition

    what is marketing communication

    the promotion mix marketing communication methods

    marketing campaigns and imc

    how to develop effective messaging for marketing communications

    introduction to imc objectives and approach

    laying the foundation for effective marketing campaigns

    engagement strategies

    set s m a r t goals

    define the message

    select marketing communication methods

    determine the promotional marketing mix

    introduction to marketing communication methods

    advertising 2

    the purpose of advertising

    developing the media plan

    public relations 2

    the purpose of public relations

    when to use public relations

    public relations techniques

    pr and integrated marketing communication

    sales promotions 3

    sales promotions getting action now

    consumer sales promotion techniques 2

    trade promotion techniques

    imc support for sales promotions

    direct marketing 3

    the purpose and uses of direct marketing

    personal selling 3

    common personal selling techniques 2

    when to use personal selling 2

    digital marketing inform entice engage

    web sites as digital marketing tools

    what makes digital marketing tools unique

    social media marketing

    guerrilla marketing 2

    when to use guerrilla marketing 2

    guerrilla marketing tactics the usual suspects 2

    the role of imc in guerrilla marketing

    using imc in the sales process

    understanding the sales process

    fitting imc into the sales process

    case study imc and zombie apocalypse supporting the sales process

    customer relationship management crm systems and imc

    customer relationship management crm systems and imc 2

    crm uses in sales and marketing

    introduction to measuring marketing communication effectiveness

    measuring marketing communication effectiveness

    introduction to developing a marketing campaign and budget

    developing a marketing campaign and budget

    effective marketing campaign plans

    putting it together promotion integrated marketing communication imc

    why it matters marketing globally

    introduction to globalization benefits and challenges

    globalization benefits and challenges

    challenges of globalism for business

    introduction to global competition approaches

    entry strategies in global markets

    approaches to global competition

    applying marketing principles in the global environment

    applying marketing principles in the global environment 2

    introduction to factors shaping the global marketing environment

    demographic factors shaping the global marketing environment

    cultural factors shaping the global marketing environment

    institutional factors shaping the global marketing environment

    putting it together marketing globally

    why it matters marketing plan

    elements of the marketing plan

    focusing purpose corporate marketing plan guiding activity

    introduction to presenting the marketing plan

    presenting the marketing plan

    business presentations

    introduction to the marketing plan in action

    using and updating the marketing plan

    putting it together marketing plan

    sample marketing plan


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