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Brand Activation Services

Our Skilled Promotions and Activations Team Demonstrate the Key Selling Points of Your Product/service, Engaging Directly with the Customer and Making Your Brand the Preferred Choice.

while providing Brand Activation Services, we strategically employ our core strengths to build brand equity and identity, with a great competency in brand repositioning.

We specialise in training and developing our Brand Ambassadors according to the needs and values of our clients. Our teams are equipped with sales techniques that create a pleasant, memorable, but most importantly on-going repeat purchase/brand experience for the customer. Brand Activation campaigns are often executed with minimal sales results. Fulcrum Promotions therefore produces a Brand activation that out performs any competitor in the market with guaranteed sales results. We custom design and enthusiastically deliver a branding message using the Features, Advantages and Benefits  of your product.

Our vibrant teams carry the values of our clients and eliminate any misconceptions, to make your brand easily recognisable and superior in quality and reliability. This form of marketing as well as the Fulcrum Promotions approach yields effective results, in conjunction with mass media marketing. Our approach ensures that all activation efforts result in customer acquisitions.

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