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    Davanagere Davanagere Davanagere is a city in the centre of the southern Indian state of Karnataka. It is the seventh largest city in the state(major city), and the administrative headquarters of eponymous Davangere district. Hitherto being a cotton hub and hence popularly known before as the Manchester of Karnataka, the commercial ventures of the city… Read More »Davanagere


    THANE THANE Thane (Marathi: [ˈʈʰaːɳeː]) is a metropolitan city in Maharashtra, India. It is also called the city of lakes. It is situated in the north-eastern portion of the Salsette Island. Thane city is entirely within Thane taluka, one of the seven talukas of Thane district; also, it is the headquarters of the namesake district. With a population of 1,841,488 distributed over… Read More »Thane


    Udupi Udupi History In the 13th century, Vaishnavite saint Madhvacharya founded the Sri Krishna Temple. He set up eight mathas – Ashta Mathas- In Kannada – ಅಷ್ಟ ಮಠಗಳು in Udupi to propagate the Dvaita Vedanta philosophy, and this caused a vibrant temple culture to take root in present-day Udupi district. Significant migration of Brahmins to… Read More »Udupi


    Solapur Solapur Solapur is a city located in the south-western region of the Indian state of Maharashtra, close to its border with Karnataka. Solapur is located on major highway, rail routes between Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad, with a branch line to the cities of Kalaburagi and Vijayapura in the neighbouring state of Karnataka. Solapur… Read More »Solapur


    Kakinada Kakinada Kakinada is the sixth largest city of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh and serves as the district headquarters of the Kakinada district. It lies on the coast of the Bay of Bengal. J.N.T.U. College of Engineering Kakinada, established in 1946 is the oldest and popular Government college in the state of Andhra… Read More »Kakinada


    Jabalpur Jabalpur Jabalpur (formerly Jubbulpore) is a city situated on the banks of Narmada River in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. According to the 2011 census, it is the third-largest urban agglomeration in Madhya Pradesh and the country’s 38th-largest urban agglomeration. Jabalpur is an important administrative, industrial and business center of Madhya Pradesh. The… Read More »Jabalpur


    Constituted under the Uttar Pradesh Industrial Development Act of 1976, Noida – a city managed by the New Okhla Industrial Development – was set up to promote industrial growth in the area. Today, it’s one of Asia’s largest industrial townships which is well planned, well connected, integrated and the modern industrial city in India.  … Read More »Noida


    Situated at the base of Chamundi Hills, Mysore is the third-largest city in the state of Karnataka. It was known as the Princely State of the British Empire for 148 years before which it was the much larger Kingdom of Mysore. It is only 130 kilometers from Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka, and is home… Read More »Mysore


    Mohali is a city situated adjacent to Chandigarh, the common capital of the northern Indian states Punjab and Haryana. In later half of 2012, it was named after Sahibzada Ajit Singh, the eldest son of Guru Gobind Singh, and called Ajitgarh. Today, it’s famously a part of the Chandigarh Tricity, the two other cities being… Read More »Mohali


    One of South India’s great temple towns, Madurai is the administrative headquarters of the Madurai district in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Due to its antiquity and great historical importance, Madurai is also referred to as the Athens of the East.   Madurai is a key industrial and educational hub in Tamil Nadu.… Read More »Madurai


    SURAT SURAT Surat is a city in the western Indian state of Gujarat. Located at the mouth of the Tapti River, it used to be a large seaport. It is now the commercial and economic center in South Gujarat, and one of the largest urban areas of western India. It has well-established diamond and textile industries, and is a shopping centre for apparels and accessories. It is… Read More »Surat


    ranchi RANCHI Ranchi is the capital of the Indian state of Jharkhand.[5] Ranchi was the centre of the Jharkhand movement,[6] which called for a separate state for the tribal regions of South Bihar, northern Orissa, western West Bengal and the eastern area of what is present-day Chhattisgarh. The Jharkhand state was formed on 15 November… Read More »Ranchi


    Raipur is the capital city of Chhattisgarh. Prior to the formation of this state, it was located in Madhya Pradesh. Geographically, it’s an important city in the country considering that the land to the north of the city merges with the Chhota Plateau region and the River Mahanadi flows to its south-east. Raipur is an… Read More »Raipur


    valsad valsad Valsad  historically known as Bulsar, is a city and a municipality in Valsad district of the Indian state of Gujarat. It is the district headquarters of Valsad district. The city of Valsad is located in the south of Navsari and Surat. Etymology The name “Valsad” derives from vad-saal, a Gujarati language compound meaning… Read More »Valsad


    Situated on the eastern bank of the Kshipra River, Ujjain is an antiquated city in India’s Malwa district. The city, today is an integral part of Madhya Pradesh, and is the regulatory faction of the Ujjain District and Ujjain Division. There is much to show in the viewpoint of India’s long history; Ujjain has stood… Read More »Ujjain


    Vijayawada Vijayawada Vijayawada (formerly Bezawada) is the second largest city in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh and is a part of the state’s capital region, Amaravati Capital Region. It is the administrative headquarters of the NTR district. Vijayawada lies on the banks of Krishna river surrounded by the hills of Eastern Ghats, known as… Read More »Vijayawada


    The second largest city in Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore is one of the fastest growing tier-II cities in India. Ranked among the largest urban agglomerations in India, the city is a hub for several different sectors of economy, most notably the flourishing textile industry. For this reason, Coimbatore is also referred to as the textile capital… Read More »Coimbatore


    hyderabad hyderabad Hyderabad  is the capital and largest city of the Indian state of Telangana and the de jure capital of Andhra Pradesh. It occupies 650 km2 (250 sq mi) on the Deccan Plateau along the banks of the Musi River, in the northern part of South India. With an average altitude of 542 m… Read More »Hyderabad


    Gwalior is a prominent city in the state of Madhya Pradesh, famous for its historical significance. The location of this city is strategic in India’s Gird region. It’s famous for its fortresses – many kingdoms in the past used this place as their centers. Presently, Gwalior comes under the National Capital Region.   The name… Read More »Gwalior


    Guwahati is a city in the north-eastern state of Assam. It lies on the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra river and at the foothills of the Shillong Plateau. Owing to its location, the city is a natural hotspot with several rare animals and birds either residing here or regularly visiting it, making tourism a significant… Read More »Guwahati


    Gurgaon, popularly known as Millennium City, lies at around 35 km from Delhi. It is located in Gurgaon district in the Indian state of Haryana and is also included under the National Capital Region (NCR). Earlier, Gurgaon was known as ‘Guru Gram’ which means “Village of the Guru”. From ancient history, it is learnt that… Read More »Gurgaon

    Greater Noida

    Greater Noida is a city located in the Gautam Buddh Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh. It lies in the National Capital Region (NCR) and is situated at a distance of 48 km from New Delhi. It’s also located adjacent to Noida, one of Asia’s largest industrial townships.   The city was established as recently as… Read More »Greater Noida


    KOLKATA KOLKATA Kolkata   is the capital and the largest city of the Indian state of West Bengal. Located on the banks of the Hooghly River, the city is approximately 80 kilometres (50 mi) west of the border with Bangladesh. It is the primary business, commercial, and financial hub of Eastern India and the main port… Read More »Kolkata


    Jalandhar is a city in the north-western Indian state of Punjab. Believed to be the oldest city in Punjab, Jalandhar today, is a highly industrialized center and India’s foremost producer of world-class sports equipment. Geographically, Jalandhar is located between the fertile agricultural land of the Beas and Sutlej rivers, creating a good market for agricultural… Read More »Jalandhar


    Jaisalmer is nicknamed ‘The Golden City’ and is a town in Rajasthan. It is located a little under 600 km from the state capital, Jaipur, and was once known as Jaisalmer State. The entire town is situated on a ridge made of yellowish sandstone crowned by a majestic fort. The fort contains the Jaisalmer palace… Read More »Jaisalmer


    INDORE INDORE Indore  is the most populous and the largest city in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.[13] It serves as the headquarters of both Indore District and Indore Division. It is also considered as an education hub of the state and has campuses of both the Indian Institute of Technology and the Indian Institute… Read More »Indore


    A spirited, dust-swirling city located in the northwest of Rajasthan, Bikaner is a beauty bloomed within the Thar Desert that was founded by Rajput Rao Bika in 1486. After the completion of the Ganges Canal in 1928 and the Indira Gandhi Canal in 1987, the agricultural and textile industry was allowed to flourish with crops… Read More »Bikaner


    Bhiwadi, the next big city in India, is a fast growing city located in the Alwar district of Rajasthan. Its strategic location, being within a 100-km radius of New Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Alwar and 200 km from Jaipur, makes it favorable to economic progress and a host of development activities.   Lying in the… Read More »Bhiwadi


    Anantapur, one of the important stations for British army during second world war, is located in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It was earlier, the headquarters of Datta Mandalam in early sixteenth century.One of the noted resident of Anantapur is Neelam Sanjiva Reddy, the former president of India. Anantapur has a semi humid climate and… Read More »Anantapur


    Durgapur is a city in the Burdwan district of the Indian state of West Bengal. Designed by Joseph Allen Stein and Benjamin Polk, this industrial township is one of the most industrialized cities in eastern India and is home to one of the largest industrial units in the state. Geographically, Durgapur lies on the banks… Read More »Durgapur


    Cuttack is the second-largest city and former capital of the Indian state of Odisha. It is commonly known as the commercial capital of Odisha with a large number of business and trading houses located in and around the city. Famous for its silver filigree work, Cuttack is also known as the Silver City.   Geographically,… Read More »Cuttack

    Second Screen: Your Direct Line to Audience Engagement and Analytics

    Turn the mobile device into an unlimited event engagement and measurement tool We live in an always-on society, where our event attendees are expected—and even want—to stay connected to their work when they are at home or out of office. Mobile devices are a part of attendees’ everyday routines, whether at home, on the job, or on the show floor—so… Read More »Second Screen: Your Direct Line to Audience Engagement and Analytics


    How Healthy is Your Event? ROI and the Science of Success

    A three-step wellness checklist to keep your finger on the pulse of your event Whether you’re closing down this year’s conference or creating the strategy for the next big meeting, measurement is an important part of any event plan. Collecting data is a big task on its own, but once you have all the metrics,… Read More »How Healthy is Your Event? ROI and the Science of Success


    The Value of Brand Experience

    Brands and organizations continue to turn toward experience marketing as a way to build relationships, garner new audiences, and capture new data that shows what their audiences are really thinking. It’s an essential element in the customer experience ecosystem. It cannot be confined by the stats of other marketing channels. So, we’ve curated a collection of… Read More »The Value of Brand Experience


    The Five Pillars of Experiential Marketing1

    The Experiential Marketing Summit is an annual conference that brings together leaders in the marketing world. At last year’s event, the Vice President of Experience Marketing at Adobe, Alex Amado, spoke about what he considers to be the five pillars of experiential marketing. Adobe is one brand that has embraced experiential marketing from the very… Read More »The Five Pillars of Experiential Marketing1


    Should Brands Host Experiential Marketing Events For Customers AND Employees?

    Experiential marketing events are hosted by brands around the world who want to raise brand awareness, promote their products or services, acquire new customers, or build better relationships with their existing customers. These events are traditionally used to facilitate communication between the brand and the customer. But, some companies host experiential marketing events for their… Read More »Should Brands Host Experiential Marketing Events For Customers AND Employees?


    13 Expert Insights About Brand Experience

    What happens when you bring together three dynamic marketers for an exclusive deep dive into the impact of today on tomorrow’s vision and the future of brand experience? You get an event with the potential to transform how brand marketers navigate the future of their industry. CEMA partnered with FreemanXP to bring this to life… Read More »13 Expert Insights About Brand Experience


    Traditional Marketing on Life Support

    For decades, brands have relied on traditional marketing methods such as advertisements on TV, radio, and billboards. But, many brands are now turning to more innovative promotional methods, such as social media advertising and experiential marketing. As brands start to shift more of their marketing dollars to these non-traditional methods, many industry experts are wondering… Read More »Traditional Marketing on Life Support


    How to Prepare Brand Ambassadors For An Experiential Marketing Event

    Start With Etiquette Start off slow by going over basic etiquette rules with the team of brand ambassadors that are going to be working at your event. Every good brand ambassador will know they shouldn’t roll their eyes at guests, slouch, or cross their arms so they seem unapproachable. But, there are other etiquette rules… Read More »How to Prepare Brand Ambassadors For An Experiential Marketing Event


    The Four P’s of Experiential Marketing

    Marketers that have been in the business long enough can recite the “Four Ps” of marketing off of the top of their heads: product, price, place, and promotion. These Four Ps refer to a marketer’s responsibility to create the right product, price it correctly, distribute it to the consumer, and promote it to the target… Read More »The Four P’s of Experiential Marketing


    How to Market to Consumers in a Post-Screen World

    It seems like just yesterday that marketers were wondering how their brands would survive once consumers started paying more attention to their mobile devices than they did to the TV, radio, or newspaper. Marketers were forced to forget much of what they knew about marketing and advertising in order to rapidly adjust to the new… Read More »How to Market to Consumers in a Post-Screen World


    How to Create A Modern Brand Identity

    In the past, a brand’s identity was often closely tied to its logo, slogan, and catchy jingles. Logos, slogans, and musical jingles can still be an important part of branding, but these are far from the only elements that brands need in order to establish themselves in their industry and create a modern brand identity.… Read More »How to Create A Modern Brand Identity


    Experiential Marketing Predictions for 2018

    Experiential Marketing in Retail Many industry insiders have predicted that experiential marketing will become a tactic that marketers in retail cannot avoid in 2018. Getting customers to visit a store in person as opposed to shopping online is difficult. To get customers through the door, brands need to offer them a unique in-person shopping experience… Read More »Experiential Marketing Predictions for 2018


    How to Choose A Pop-Up Shop Location

    A pop-up shop is an experiential space that is open for a short period of time. Pop-up shops give brands an opportunity to engage with their customers in a unique environment, which is why they are often incorporated into experiential marketing strategies. There are many different factors that impact the success of a pop-up shop.… Read More »How to Choose A Pop-Up Shop Location

    Marketing Strategy and Core Objectives of Product words cloud

    Creative execution is key for all marketers to reach consumers

    It’s the first quarter. You’ve hopefully had some time away from your desk for the holidays and are getting back to the grind. There’s no better time than now to start considering and exploring new marketing ideas and strategies. We’re firm believers in seriously cool ways to reach consumers through non-traditional marketing known as experiential… Read More »Creative execution is key for all marketers to reach consumers


    5 tips for hiring the best brand ambassadors

    1. Those who fit your target demographic Ensuring your target demographic is mirrored in your BAs is essential. The consumer will feel comfortable to speak with the BA right away, and will be more likely to take the time to consider what they have to say because people connect with similar people. 2. The social… Read More »5 tips for hiring the best brand ambassadors


    Tips For Kid-Friendly Experiential Marketing Events

    Make it Informative and Entertaining Parents are the ones who will decide whether or not their kids attend a branded event. Ideally, parents would like to bring their kids to events that are not only entertaining, but also educational or beneficial to their child’s growth in some way. Brands should make an effort to emphasize… Read More »Tips For Kid-Friendly Experiential Marketing Events


    The Five Pillars of Experiential Marketing

    Design The design of an experiential marketing event should be of the utmost importance to every brand. This doesn’t mean that the design of the event should just be visually appealing, but also that it should convey a strong message about your brand. Guests should immediately know who the brand is and what they stand… Read More »The Five Pillars of Experiential Marketing


    Experiential Marketing: A Connected Approach

    In our 30 years of producing experiential marketing, we’ve been constantly amazed by the non-stop, high-demand race being run by corporate marketing and communications teams. Between internal and external initiatives, the range and scope of projects tackled each year is impressive. In the effort to accomplish the work, it’s sometimes easy to lose sight of… Read More »Experiential Marketing: A Connected Approach


    5 Reasons Why Experiential Marketing is a Must

    Now that experiential marketing is a mainstream practice, everyone is talking about ways to take brand activations to the next level. Digital graffiti walls, virtual reality, geo-tracking: the world of experiential is limited only by one’s imagination. Experiential is proven to nurture long-lasting brand relationships with consumers of all kinds. If you’re still on the… Read More »5 Reasons Why Experiential Marketing is a Must


    8 Reasons to Hire an Experiential Marketing Agency

    Are you looking to join the rapidly increasing number of brands taking their marketing efforts to the streets? Are you holding back because you think you can save money by doing it in-house? Whether you need to convince yourself, your team or your boss, these 8 reasons will show you why you need to hire… Read More »8 Reasons to Hire an Experiential Marketing Agency

    PNC Mortgage

    Challenge Reinvent the Realtor experience at key trade shows by encouraging Realtors to abandon their transactional mentality and actively engage on-site to learn more about PNC Mortgages. Solution PNC Home Insight is an online tool that guides you through the home buying process from start to finish, making the entire mortgage process easier to understand.… Read More »PNC Mortgage

    consumer behaviour

    Perspectives: Women in Advertising 2018

    Tell us about who you are and what your job title is? I’m Amy Beth Stern, a New York City native with 20 years of experience in the brand marketing space and currently the Senior Director of Business Growth & Client Strategy at Eventive Marketing. Eventive is a highly creative experiential and strategic brand .… Read More »Perspectives: Women in Advertising 2018

    3 Fundamental Elements of an Event Marketing Experience

    As a marketer today, communicating with consumers in a competitive environment can be a daunting task. That task doubles when you have a complex message to convey. That’s where an experiential marketing program can help tremendously. Here are the three foundational elements of event marketing that will help clearly communicate your message to your consumers.… Read More »3 Fundamental Elements of an Event Marketing Experience


    How to build a brand strategy

    How do you create a brand-building strategy? How you’re building a brand strategy defines what you stand for, how you’re different from your competitors, and what personality you want to convey. Your brand will be the first thing people think of when they hear your company’s name. That’s why it’s crucial to carefully plan your… Read More »How to build a brand strategy

    tips on building your startup brand identity

    5 tips on building your startup brand identity We often talk about branding being an important business activity, but a brand is one of those words which is used leisurely by almost everyone but no one truly understands what it really means. When we talk about branding, it is never about your company name nor is… Read More »tips on building your startup brand identity

    Brand Promotions and BTL agency

    What is brand activation and how do you do it

    What is brand activation and how do you do it Brand activation is the art of driving consumer action through brand interaction. In simple terms, the key aim of these marketing campaigns is to get consumers to act. It’s about bringing brands to life via experiences and forming long-term emotional connections. Through these campaigns we… Read More »What is brand activation and how do you do it

    consumer behaviour

    The impact of country specific demographic factors on consumer behaviour in india

    consumer behaviour–The impact of country specific demographic factors on consumer behaviour in india Customers are generally influenced by a series of issues when making purchasing decisions. This is true across the globe, and as such Sub-Saharan india consumer is no different. However, in Sub-Saharan india, one finds that some factors that influence consumers’ purchase decisions… Read More »The impact of country specific demographic factors on consumer behaviour in india

    Marketing Strategy and Core Objectives of Product words cloud

    Learn Why Branding Is Important In Marketing

    Learn Why Branding Is Important In Marketing   Learn Why Branding Is Important In Marketing- There is a lot of confusion around branding, there are multiple definitions, so what is branding?  Decades ago branding was defined as a name, slogan, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of these elements that identify products or services of a company. The brand… Read More »Learn Why Branding Is Important In Marketing

    What is ‘Brand Identity’

    A company’s brand identity is how that business wants to be perceived by consumers. The components of the brand (name, logo, tone, tagline, typeface) are created by the business to reflect the value the company is trying to bring to the market and to appeal to its customers. Brand identity is separate from brand image – the term… Read More »What is ‘Brand Identity’

    4 Key Differences between B2B and B2C Direct Marketing

    Here are 4 differences between B2B and B2C direct marketing environments. 1. Telesales are used more in BtoB new business acquisition — especially lead generation as part of the channel mix. Marketers have complete freedom to access this powerful medium because businesses do business by phone and current law does not restrict its use as… Read More »4 Key Differences between B2B and B2C Direct Marketing

    Promote Your Business

    Create a brand image, or logo. Widespread brand recognition is your goal, as it will give your business credibility and inspire others to spread the word about your business. Grow your brand by placing your logo in your business stationary, business cards, email signatures, brochures, signs, website and merchandising materials.   Network. Meeting professionals from… Read More »Promote Your Business

    Generation Ideas B2B Marketers

    1. Provide a Free Tool or Resource Sometimes, the most valuable formats are unique. While eBooks are still effective, they are starting to lose their appeal, which makes them progressively less effective at converting leads. Creating a free tool or resource can be a powerhouse demand generation idea, especially if it solves a specific problem… Read More »Generation Ideas B2B Marketers

    Value Great Brand Name

    Does Your Name Matter? Yes, It Does. New, or soon to be reimagined, companies large and small go through major machinations trying to find that special brand name. The name they choose and how they do it is one of the most important marketing decisions they will make. Need examples? Edsel didn’t work for Ford.… Read More »Value Great Brand Name

    B2B Sales Through Referrals

    We Love Referrals, Right? Here Is How To Get More. Referrals from happy customers are one of best ways that B2B companies generate new business. Not a huge surprise. However, what is surprising how few companies have a dedicated strategy for fostering these valuable referrals. Referrals lead as a sales tool for a couple of… Read More »B2B Sales Through Referrals

    How to Create a Profitable Sales Funnel

    Your book, The Leaky Funnel, is based on what you call — Funnel Logic. Can you briefly describe it?  Funnel Logic is a sales and marketing management and planning system used to increase prospect progression through the sales funnel, and improve sales and marketing effectiveness. It is a “belief system” built upon four key principles… Read More »How to Create a Profitable Sales Funnel

    Effective Email Marketing For Small Businesses

     Why is email marketing important? How does it help a business generate revenue? Email marketing is the most cost-effective way to keep in touch with your clients and prospects. Most people coming in contact with your brand will not make a purchase immediately. Email marketing gives you that unique ability to create a relationship with… Read More »Effective Email Marketing For Small Businesses

    4 Keys to Small Business Success: Dream, Plan, Pray and Hard Work

    All businesses start with a dream. Sometimes it’s a dream to be wealthy beyond your wildest dreams or a dream of one day seeing your name on the door.  It could even be the dream to be able to take your family on the vacation of a lifetime or to start your own business so… Read More »4 Keys to Small Business Success: Dream, Plan, Pray and Hard Work

    Develop a Marketing Plan for Your Small Business

     How do you get started with a marketing plan for a small business?    First, know your audience or “target market” and understand their needs.Second, position yourself to meet those needs with a solution-oriented marketing plan.Decide on how you’ll connect to customers and begin developing your brand.   What is the best way to learn… Read More »Develop a Marketing Plan for Your Small Business

    Develop Marketing Plan Small Business

     How do you get started with a marketing plan for a small business?   First, know your audience or “target market” and understand their needs.Second, position yourself to meet those needs with a solution-oriented marketing plan.Decide on how you’ll connect to customers and begin developing your brand.    What is the best way to learn… Read More »Develop Marketing Plan Small Business

    Small Business Most Important Thing

    When I started my first company, I made a vow to myself that no one would be able to “outwork” me.  I believed that if I put more time into my business than my competition, it would make me successful.  I became the worst workaholic you could imagine.  I would actually leave church on Sunday–and… Read More »Small Business Most Important Thing

    How to Become a Successful Woman Entrepreneur

     What are some of the challenges women face as small business owners? They face all of the same challenges as men who own businesses, plus some additional ones, including challenges related to getting their businesses funded and finding mentors and role models. As a journalist on women’s entrepreneurship, I have often heard from female business… Read More »How to Become a Successful Woman Entrepreneur

    Dream BIG Small Business

      What’s the difference between a vision and a dream in business? I’ve heard it said that a vision is a dream with a deadline. A dream is all about creating a mental picture that stretches the boundaries of your imagination for what you believe is possible. A (business) vision brings clarity, specificity, and direction… Read More »Dream BIG Small Business

    Effective Social Media Selling

    What is the best way to sell online? By not trying to impress your prospect through hype, flashiness, or sugar coating problems with your product or service. Instead you are informing them of their options and only looking for a mutually beneficial relationship. What is sell-ucation? It’s a way of selling through education and direct… Read More »Effective Social Media Selling

    Brand Design Start-Up Businesses

    What Is Brand Design? Many people think that Brand Design is just about designing a logo and marketing materials. That’s a part of it, but not the whole story. Brand Design means that you first create the Brand of your company: the story that you want to tell about your company.Then, you design your graphics… Read More »Brand Design Start-Up Businesses

    Cold Calling DEAD

    Is cold calling dead? No. Many businesses still use it. However, it is losing its effectiveness. Cold calling relies on interruption. Today, people have access to info when they need it, so are less likely to put up with cold calling. People are far less likely to trust someone based on a cold call, and… Read More »Cold Calling DEAD

    Need to Know Your Business

    The answer is a resounding YES!  If you are starting a business, your business venture should be something in which you have experience or professional training. The only exception to this rule is if you buy into a franchise, but it is especially true if you take over an existing business.  Sometimes there are people… Read More »Need to Know Your Business

    Build Winning Advertising Agency

    OK, Let’s Go… When I owned Citrus, my Portland and Bend Oregon advertising agency, I woke up every morning (and even some nights) thinking hard about my agency’s business development program. I lived as if Nike, our largest client, was about to walk out the back door along with its revenues. I bet as an… Read More »Build Winning Advertising Agency

    Business Development Referral Strategies

    Referral Strategies A key to having a robust referral strategy is to make sure that your current clients are aware that you actually want referrals. Referrals from happy customers are one of best ways that B2B companies generate new business. OK, this isn’t a huge surprise. However, what is surprising how few companies have a… Read More »Business Development Referral Strategies

    Name Advertising Agency

    The Naming Process Yes, there is a process to naming. I believe that selecting a name should be one of the most important elements of your new advertising agency’s marketing plan (a new name also works for agency’s that need a facelift and repositioning.) And, importantly, this process deserves your team’s best thinking and the… Read More »Name Advertising Agency

    4 P’s of Small Business Success

    feeling of rushing from one thing to the next. Starting a business can make you feel that way, particularly if you did not take enough time to plan from the beginning. It does feel chaotic at times. You might need to deal with customer requests, follow-up from networking events, there’s ongoing employee issues and responding to that… Read More »4 P’s of Small Business Success

    Business Should I Start

    As a small business coach, not a week goes by that someone doesn’t say, “I need your help, I know I am meant to start a business, but I don’t know what kind of business I should start”.  Now, I specialize in helping people map out a plan once they decide to start a business,… Read More »Business Should I Start

    Qualify Your Customers

    Every business owner is a salesperson, and when you are starting out you have a certain amount of time to qualify new opportunities.  The best salespeople only spend time with companies that are ready to buy or can explain a pain point in their business they’re looking to solve. One of my coaching clients called… Read More »Qualify Your Customers

    Power up Business Plan

    Q: What is a living business plan and how do you use it? A living business plan is a focusing tool to guide you as grow business.  Business owners must actively use a business plan on quarterly or bi-annual basis to check progress, tweak goals, identify changes, and celebrate business growth. Q: How important is… Read More »Power up Business Plan

    Marketing spending

    Marketing spending is an organization’s total expenditure on marketing activities. This typically includes advertising and non-price promotion. It sometimes includes sales force spending and may also include price promotions. In a survey of nearly 200 senior marketing managers, 52 percent responded that they found the “marketing spending” metric very useful.To predict how selling costs change… Read More »Marketing spending

    Selling & Administrative Expenses

    Businesses of all different sizes report their operating profits and expenses on an income statement. It’s one of the main report cards defining the business and the effectiveness of its management’s performance over the accounting period. Income statements are broken down into different sections. Selling and administrative expenses is a large portion of a company’s… Read More »Selling & Administrative Expenses

    Small Business Create Highly Engaged Organization

    I’ve always had a keen interest in helping small, diverse and disadvantaged businesses. I’ve found that when given the opportunity to compete in a fair and transparent environment, these companies are very successful at winning new business when going “head-to-head” with larger organizations.  And it makes sense that they would.  Their very makeup allows them… Read More »Small Business Create Highly Engaged Organization

    6 Principles Happy Entrepreneur

      As one of the biggest producers of black entrepreneurs, what’s one of the biggest challenges that your clients face?   Figure out where the time is going now! Try tracking your time for a week. You can use an app, a spreadsheet, or a notebook. Without knowing where the time goes, it’s hard to… Read More »6 Principles Happy Entrepreneur

    Unique Selling Proposition Small Business?

    What sets your brand apart in the marketplace? Your unique selling proposition (USP) also referred to as a unique value proposition is the core of your competitive advantage as a small business. It clearly articulates why someone should want to buy from you. It’s the #1 thing that determines whether people will bother reading more about your product or service… Read More »Unique Selling Proposition Small Business?

    Grow a Product-Based Brand

    Product-based business costs are generally higher than service-based business costs. Product-based businesses need ingredients/components, packaging, workspace, product photos; service-based businesses do not. Product-based businesses are generally more heavily regulated than service-based businesses. Shipping, returns, etc., add expenses that service-based businesses do not generally have. Generally, can get services to market faster than can get physical products… Read More »Grow a Product-Based Brand

    Business Scalable, Saleable and Sustainable

    What does it mean to be scalable? Various meanings in the business world.  Mostly means that your business can increase and expand efficiently when the demand becomes greater.  If you got all the business you wanted to have, could you handle it?  How easy would it be to take on 50% more customers right now? … Read More »Business Scalable, Saleable and Sustainable

    Identify Target Market

    To be able to grow any business, you have to market the product or service to a particular target audience. Without narrowing your focus to a specific customer, you miss the opportunity to be viewed as a specialist or worse spend marketing dollars trying to reach a huge audience and not make much of an… Read More »Identify Target Market

    Understanding Customer Lifetime Value

    How can you tell if your company is succeeding? Usually by looking at operating metrics like sales, revenues, and profit margin and then comparing these figures to your annual projections, historical numbers, or competitors in the same industry. But what metrics can you use to determine your company’s success in the long term? One of… Read More »Understanding Customer Lifetime Value

    Local Retailers Can Win Big This Holiday Season

    With the scramble on to get ready for the biggest shopping season of the year, local retailers are understandably looking for ways to stand out. If you want to make sure your local business cashes in big this holiday, it’s time to get your holiday sales and marketing strategy going fast.  Try a few these… Read More »Local Retailers Can Win Big This Holiday Season

    7 Mobile Marketing Trends 2018

    If you pay attention, you’ll notice a quiet revolution happening in the world of marketing. Mobile is quickly becoming the go-to channel for a variety of strategies designed to reach your customer. If you’re not using mobile yet, you will soon be. Here are 7 trends to take notice of to start developing a strategy… Read More »7 Mobile Marketing Trends 2018

    7 Low-Cost Ways Market Company

    Marketing your own business can be time consuming and costly. As a business owner you have limited time with often a tight budget. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to execute a marketing plan. Below are seven low-cost ways to market your company without forfeiting quality. Social Media The three main social… Read More »7 Low-Cost Ways Market Company

    7 Mobile Marketing Trends 2018

    If you pay attention, you’ll notice a quiet revolution happening in the world of marketing. Mobile is quickly becoming the go-to channel for a variety of strategies designed to reach your customer. If you’re not using mobile yet, you will soon be. Here are 7 trends to take notice of to start developing a strategy… Read More »7 Mobile Marketing Trends 2018

    How to Implement Cost-Effective Programs to Grow Your Sales

     WHY SHOULD SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS CARE ABOUT MARKETING? Across virtually all industries, the companies that market more and better, grow faster. Period. For example, a study of >1000 insurance agencies found much faster growth from those that market more. My study of 85 software companies found those with the broadest marketing programs grow almost 5X… Read More »How to Implement Cost-Effective Programs to Grow Your Sales

    8 Habits Become Successful Young Entrepreneur

    Are your walls adorned with the images of Richard Branson, Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg? Do you find yourself constantly dreaming about running a small business? Do you love discussing ideas and coming up with something new? Then it wouldn’t be wrong to say that you want to be an entrepreneur and start your own… Read More »8 Habits Become Successful Young Entrepreneur

    Small Business Partnerships Fail!

    Are you or your company going into strategic partnerships with another company? Entering into a partnership will allow you to reap numerous benefits without having to make large investments such as in acquisitions. But this only works if both companies are willing to share the burdens of the partnership. Advantages of entering into this kind of partnership are to leverage marketing,… Read More »Small Business Partnerships Fail!

    Top E-Commerce Trends 2018

    Did you know that e-commerce has been around for more than 40 years? The first spam message was sent in 1978! Amazon began in 1995, during the days of dial-up and hearing “Welcome! You’ve got mail!”. Now, 65 million customers visit the Amazon website each month. Many companies now have apps that allow customers to… Read More »Top E-Commerce Trends 2018

    The Importance of Vision for Your Business

    What if for a few minutes you were living your mountaintop experience? You envisioned a time when everything was going great. A time you left all your limiting thoughts behind; about not having enough money, time or not enough experience. Imagine yourself at the end of the journey celebrating your success.Coming from that Vision, you… Read More »The Importance of Vision for Your Business

    Brand Small Business 2018

    Every week as SmallBizLady, I conduct interviews with experts on my Twitter talk show #SmallBizChat. The show takes place every Wednesday on Twitter from 8-9 pm ET.  This is excerpted from my recent interview with Yali Saar, who is the is the CEO of Tailor Brands, an automated branding agency. He is a former creative… Read More »Brand Small Business 2018

    12 Different WaysAdvertise Small Business Online

    12 Different WaysAdvertise Small Business Online- We live in exciting times, at least as it relates to online advertising. Just a few years ago, the bulk of online advertising options consisted of either pay-per-click or display ads, we now have more ways than ever to connect with customers online. And with ever-evolving technology, our ads… Read More »12 Different WaysAdvertise Small Business Online

    Secret Successful Retail Business

    Do you know the Value of Clean? Well, remember the last time you went into a public restroom in a retail establishment and realized that they might not value their customers?  You know what I mean — one of those scary bathrooms where you thought you might catch something if you touched anything. Would you… Read More »Secret Successful Retail Business

    Build a Small Business Brand

    Branding is a very important part of every business. When you think of brands, there are likely a few that come to mind first such as Coca-Cola, Nike, Starbucks, Macy’s. Anyone can sell anything, but you really stand out in the market when you have a brand. It’s key to the growth and success of… Read More »Build a Small Business Brand

    Media Kit For Your Small Business

    Super Heroes never seem to go out of style and it’s mainly because  people will always be intrigued with having super human powers. But even Super Heroes rely on tools of their trade. Captain America has his trusty shield, The Green Lantern has his ring and Spider Man has a wrist gadget that allows him… Read More »Media Kit For Your Small Business

    Branding and Marketing

    Branding and Marketing-You never get a second chance to make a first impression and that is especially true when you’re presenting your brand to the world.Add in the stress and fast pace of a trade show and it becomes a make or break situation. Trade shows are important events for small and mid-market business to… Read More »Branding and Marketing

    Five Tips to Hire a Great Team Player

    I was recently talking with a client who was agitated that she had just made a bad hire. It wasn’t that this new person was inexperienced or unskilled; he was smart and capable, just as had shown up in the interview. But he was quickly proving to be a lousy teammate – ego-driven, secretive, selfish… Read More »Five Tips to Hire a Great Team Player

    Fitness Fun

    Making fitness fun is paramount to laying the foundation for living a healthy, energized life. This is especially important for entrepreneurs. Here are a few reasons why exercising is so important not only for our physical health, but also our mental health. Weight-loss: Even if you’re already at your ideal weight, maintaining your weight is… Read More »Fitness Fun

    Branding for Results

    Most companies believe that a solid product with good service, delivered on time, is enough to create a competitive edge in most markets. Yet, research indicates that most buyers do not believe there’s much difference among competitors’ products. Predictably in that situation, most buyers defer to price.But, there is hope. In order to differentiate yourself,… Read More »Branding for Results


    Several generations ago, clever marketers put together a composite of traits designed to appeal to housewives who liked to bake cakes and cookies. Then they created a persona – Betty Crocker – who exemplified those traits, put Betty’s image on the boxes of baked products made by General Mills — and created a sales phenomenon… Read More »Branding

    Online Brand

    Strategic words are out. Personal search is in. This week, the Kauffman Foundation held a seminar on “Online Branding for Startups” with help from Mark Traphagen of Virante, a SEO marketing firm out of Durham, N.C. I learned a number of things in the hours we discussed branding with entrepreneurs and Kauffman associates, but here… Read More »Online Brand

    Entrepreneurs Selling

    The best opportunities for selling professional services – and the easiest to close – come via referrals from satisfied clients. For the entrepreneur launching a services business, however, those referrals may be several months or even a year from fruition. The good news is, if you’ve properly pegged your ideal customer profile, selling professional services… Read More »Entrepreneurs Selling

    Laws of Marketing

    I just bought more books from It was convenient, fast, easy and secure. I clicked in, made my selections and clicked out. I did not worry about giving my credit card number; I believed the books would be delivered quickly; and I knew that the company would follow up with me to make sure… Read More »Laws of Marketing

    Product Sampling

    Fulcrum are a highly recommended provider of product sampling staff. We specialise in the implementation of sampling campaigns using our in house sampling team and logistical know-how. We can sample your product throughout a range of Maharashtra wide locations including shopping centers, supermarkets, city centers, train stations and everywhere in between. Sampling is a great way to… Read More »Product Sampling

    Product Launches

    About Us and Product Launch Our aim is to be your outsourced Field Sales Partner of choice. We work in partnership with our clients to Product Launch and  activate sales and deliver retail excellence. We do this through empowering our Field Sales teams with clear objectives, sense of purpose and effective technology, and measure our success… Read More »Product Launches

    Leaflet Distribution

    Leaflet Distribution Door-to-door leaflet distribution has a wealth of advantages. Perhaps the most important factor is that it’s far more cost-effective, and indeed effective, than many traditional marketing routes. It’s a simple and affordable way to spread the word about your business, highlight a specific product or service, or even promote your values in your… Read More »Leaflet Distribution


    Merchandising is essential to ensure your products and brand get the exposure that they deserve. At Fulcrum, we have vast experience when it comes to merchandising and placing Free Standing Display Unitss, shippers and POS into retail environments including shops and supermarkets. Merchandising can be the difference between your products being noticed and purchased or… Read More »Merchandising

    Lead Generations Campaigns

    Mall Marketing

    Mall marketing is an ideal way to generate brand awareness for our clients and to introduce new products/services to consumers. Customers are already prepared for spending at malls, and tend to allow for more time to learn about our clients’ offerings. Our vibrant promoters relay the vision of our clients and create positive associations with… Read More »Mall Marketing

    Product Launch Activities

    Kiosk Activities

    A kiosk is a small, temporary, stand-alone booth used in high-traffic areas for marketing purposes. A kiosk is usually manned by one or two individuals, who help attract attention to the booth to get new customers. Retail kiosks are frequently located in shopping malls or on busy city streets with significant foot traffic.

    In-shop Activities

    In-Shop Activation

    We are a specialized retail marketing, merchandising activation and media company. Our team creates and implements turnkey in-store programs that get brands noticed and drive incremental sales. Retail Marketing is a business unit of Fulcrum, a creative agency specializing in experiential, retail, shopper and content marketing. Fulcrum is the marketing arm of  a leading full-service… Read More »In-Shop Activation

    Free Sampling Activities

    Demonstration Activities

    In an increasingly competitive retail space, Demonstration Activities and in-store product sampling offer brands a unique opportunity to cut through the noise and engage with customers in a fun and engaging way that creates brand awareness, builds loyalty and drives sales. Fulcrum specialise in producing and implementing highly effective Demonstration Activities and  in-store sampling by creating a… Read More »Demonstration Activities

    Corporate Image Building

    Building a Foundation for a Strong Brand Image The best way to build and nurture an effective brand image is through a multidisciplinary approach that combines owned, earned and paid media in a coordinated, digital ecosystem constructed of PR, social, search and other elements.   There are several requirements that you’ll need to address as you develop… Read More »Corporate Image Building

    Corporate Contact programs

    Building a corporate image and Corporate Contact programs is similar to building a personal reputation. Corporations, like individuals, explicate and evolve an affirmative reputation among their customers, employees, shareholders, vendors, immediate neighbors and even government agencies. Corporate image and Corporate Contact programs is the insight created by a business or corporation for the target audience.… Read More »Corporate Contact programs

    BTL Activation Services

    We strategically employ our core strengths to build brand equity and identity, with help of our BTl Marketing and BTL Activation Services. We specialize in training and developing our Brand Ambassadors according to the needs and values of our clients. Our teams are equipped with sales techniques that create a pleasant, memorable, but most importantly… Read More »BTL Activation Services

    Brand Activation Services

    Our Skilled Promotions and Activations Team Demonstrate the Key Selling Points of Your Product/service, Engaging Directly with the Customer and Making Your Brand the Preferred Choice. while providing Brand Activation Services, we strategically employ our core strengths to build brand equity and identity, with a great competency in brand repositioning. We specialise in training and… Read More »Brand Activation Services

    Brand Promotion Services

    We’ve all experienced the overwhelming effect of being confronted by different brands and products, of not knowing what to buy or try, of too much information on labels/literature and too little time to take it all in and make a decision. So we do nothing…As our promoters  are experienced in brand promotion services they cut… Read More »Brand Promotion Services

    Brand Strategy

    Brand Strategy Our Brand Promotion Strategy and Activations Planning team demonstrate the key selling points of your product/service, engaging directly with the customer and making your brand the preferred choice.   We’ve all experienced the overwhelming effect of being confronted by different brands and products, of not knowing what to buy or try, of too… Read More »Brand Strategy

    Brand Promotions

    Want to find out how we can improve efficiencies on your brand communication activities and at a better cost? Fulcrum is a progressive & creative organization, specializing in Sales, Marketing, Brand Promotions, Training & Development and Brand Activation. The organization started up in Maharashtra in 2007. As a results-based company, we have provided our clients… Read More »Brand Promotions

    Door to Door Promotions

    Door to Door marketing To the new comers door to door marketing may sound like hectic and less successful idea but we are in this business since last 10 years. We have proven results from our door to door/ face to face marketing campaign. Door to Door marketing means our sales team visits door to… Read More »Door to Door Promotions

    Stall Operations

    Retail Branding

    Fulcrum Retail Branding Design Agency Fulcrum is a Retail Branding Agency specialising in Brand Strategy, Identity Development and Brand Activation. From our pune location we proudly partner with global businesses and ambitious startups who, like us, believe in the power of great branding. Timeless, strategic, inspired and engaging. We create simple yet agile brand identities… Read More »Retail Branding

    Rural Promotions

    We work with businesses, organisations and events about which we feel passionate and enthusiastic, building reputations and promoting development. We deliver results by ensuring that our clients are ‘seen and heard’ in all the right places. our experts can help you to encourage the development of your region as well as to form and promote… Read More »Rural Promotions

    Consumer Sales Promotions

    Consumer Sales Promotion Sales promotions  and Consumer Sales Promotions are a highly effective way to increase sales and delight your customers. Fulcrum is a specialist in creating propositions that do just that.   Learn more about our solutions which create urgency, shorten refresh cycles and retain customers Cashback Enhanced Trade In Gift with Purchase Buy… Read More »Consumer Sales Promotions

    Sales Coupons Promotions

    Coupon Advertising Reach & Influence Grocery Buyers & Household Cooks with Coupon Advertising or Sales Coupons Promotions Since the rise of the internet,Sales Coupons Promotions and  coupon advertising has enjoyed a resurgence and is as effective a marketing strategy as it ever has been. Through enticing customers with great deals, and encouraging them to share… Read More »Sales Coupons Promotions

    Sales Promotion

    Sales Promotion We generate brand-building activation ideas that engage your consumers and lead to measurable results. Our sales promotion encompass a variety of short-term techniques designed to attract your consumers to respond to your brand in a positive way. The most effective sales promotion is directly associated with product purchasing. This sales promotion is intended… Read More »Sales Promotion

    B2B Sales

    We do things differently by focussing more on digging deep into the detail and finding continual improvements to pursue service and value excellence. Our established expertise and authentic B2B Sales relationship building with our stakeholders offers our clients complete confidence in our management, infrastructure, support, advice and innovation. This is where we meet customers face-to-face and develop… Read More »B2B Sales

    Sales Staff

    Our team of skilful and detail-focussed sales and marketing professionals offer our Principal Suppliers and their brands dependable and sustainable long-term growth and profitability. From brand managers to area managers and knowledgeable in-store staff, we act as  of our clients’ brands, ensuring the very best representation. We do more than the average distributor; together with our in-house… Read More »Sales Staff

    Direct selling

    Direct Selling Direct  Selling Fulcrum is the best marketing platform for bringing together the leading digital marketing competence with the best-in-class marketing solutions for direct selling and increasing slaes. Methods of Direct Consumer Selling include: Increase your brand sales Sale at the manufacturer’s plant or head office House to house selling Sales by mail order… Read More »Direct selling

    Field Sales

    We Help Brands Sell More With Field Sales Solutions   We help brands sell more by developing, innovating and executing efficient tailor-made field sales solutions. We use a variety of models and tools to achieve your field marketing goals.  Businesses use multiple channels to promote products and services to prospective customers. Not all businesses have… Read More »Field Sales


    Sales Sales is not just attracting new customers – but getting your existing customers to buy more, too… Fulcrum was incorporated in 2007 in the Pune. We sell products and services to businesses of all sizes through various marketing channels and divisions.Sales are processed through multiple channels consisting of website sales, internet sites, direct marketing… Read More »Sales

    Merchant Acquiring

    Merchant Acquiring operations for Ecommerce website and payment gateway Merchant Evaluation Onboarding and Documentation initialization and deployment Managing Day to Day Merchant Acquiring operations adhering to regulations/guidelines Promote and present to merchants, retailers and other entities in india to acquire new business partners. • Maintain merchants relationships to ensure continual growth and sales targets. •… Read More »Merchant Acquiring

    Street Intercept

    We will still need to spend time interacting with people, face-to-face. Personal interaction is what makes the world go around… Our street intercept program adds a creative element to your direct marketing campaign. Hand-to-hand delivery of your product or message to your target markets creates a deeper engagement with your brand resulting in greater awareness.… Read More »Street Intercept

    Personal Interviews

    Retail Shop Audit

    Face to Face Interviews

    Telephone Interviewing

    Tracking Study

    Mystery Shopping

    Power your decisions with targeted information and consumer insights. Our mystery shopping team is tasked to help you better understand your consumers, your market place and your competitors. Real intelligence is immediate, accurate and most of all, relevant. It powers your decisions, it offers insights. From point of purchase audits to mystery shopping to category… Read More »Mystery Shopping

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